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tv   Historic Preservation Commission 2316  SFGTV  February 7, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PST

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>> san francisco historic preservation commission regular meeting please silence all electronic devices. and when speaking before the commission, if you care to, do state your name for the record. i'd like to take roll commissioner president wolfram commissioner hyland commissioner hasz commissioner johns oh, here. >> commissioner matsuda commissioner pearlman and commissioner johnck is expected to be here and she's expect to
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be absent she's in brussels. >> next item. >> at this time, members of the public may address the commission to the public that are within the subject matter jurisdiction of the commission except agenda items. with respect to agenda items, your opportunity to address the commission will be afforded when reached in the meeting. each member of the public may address the commission up to three minutes. i have one speaker card. >> thank you georg georgia jewish. >> i've been going to the planning commission. much to believe it or not mr. the gentlemen about the issue of remodels that are really demolitions and there's been a lot of talk we had a meeting that
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commissioner richards and mr. sanchez and mr. duffy mr. star we looked at four or five case studies they thought 40 percent should have been calculated as demolitions but in this whole process of looking at it i live in noah valley that's where i'm focused and you're concerned about the facade ism what is façadism and i think we can agree this one here can i have the overhead i have a junior high school project i've been texted and the new part on the back and this one, two here is definitely façadism there is the building there it is and the back all
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gone i think that was illegally dug and others issues the one the major altercations is it a different kind of façadism really quick this one is the new building this is the old building that's from 19 hundred here's another one that is the old building and this is during the construction phase and that's the new building that's the old building oh, that one i just showed you from 19 hundred too this is 1939 kind of the west lake i like it not everybody does but that replaced that here's another one sorry not a
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very good picture and here's the new one there the add there's a better picture if google and this building was also in 19 >> you have thirty seconds i know this one is going on two unit this is it originally 1917 and last but not least oh, this is everyone's farther favorite on jersey street not a very good picture there it was there it is now so i've got a cough of others. >> thank you very much i think it is a question that needs to be looked at. >> are we losing those sort of palms in noah valley and around the city thank you. >> is there anyone else who
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wishes to speak on this item if so please step forward seeing and hearing none public comment is closed. commissioners that places you on department matters director's announcements arrest tim frye the director's report is in your packet and the dror director is right there if you have any questions, i'll be happy to answer them. >> item two review of past events staff report and amazements. >> commissioners tim frye one item to share item from last week planning commission the planning commission had a hearing on the affordable housing bonus program this staff gave a short presentation on the key issued and supervisor president london breed and the mayor's office was in attendance and provided some or comments regarding the proposed ordinance
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to clarify the rent-controlled property will not be subject to the program and in addition the commission hated questions i answered in particular they had a question how we will elevate the unknown properties for the purposes of ceqa there was some concern over what that decide making process undercarriage a a non-eligible if they had a category b but all the work up to this the will be mute because the site is not eligible for the program the commission had a had a couple of concerns whether or
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not legacy businesses will be adapted as part of program and scalds to look at whether or not legacy sites should be exempted from the program the commission also asked us to look at creating a map like a layover of the map showing what sites will be eligible for the program versus the historic resources so have a sense of over laptop and just to clarify under the program historic resources they're not eligible for the program there could be a vacant lot within say downtown tenderloin or article 10 district that site would be eligible, however, the current procedures 0 for this commission applies with the certificate of appropriateness still be necessary so you'll have review
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under the that project and you'll have to make the findings with the secretary of interior standards we the commission decided to continue the item until february 25th to put together for information for them to answer some of the outstanding questions they have including the historic preservation commission so i'll give you an updated the first hearing in march on the outcome of that hearing. >> that concludes my remarks unless you have questions. >> commissioner haney commissioner pearlman. >> until we had a citywide survey isn't under a lot of category b so didn't that you know that problem seems like a big problem then you either
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encouraging someone to do the historic report early on before - i mean the problem someone buys a property and you know certain exceptions i don't know what the answer but seem like until the citywide survey will be dicey and that's a valid issue we're looking at the good news or the positive part of that we're going to be doing a citywide survey and the other nice thing you'll be seeing i think by june we the department conducted a departmental survey likely the area where most of projects or the program will qualify so we've looked over 80 neighborhood commercial districts current or form and 6 thousand buildings so we feel
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like the areas that will likely westbound propriety areas so we'll be bringing that to you with the historic information in june that will certainly give us our foot in a better position then without the survey and the grant. >> thank you commissioners that places you on commission matters item 3 president's report or announcements. >> i have none. >> consideration of the draft minutes for january 20th anybody have any comments or corrections to the minutes. >> we will - they can on the draft minutes of january 20th seeing and hearing none public comment is closed. and do i have a motion to adopt the minutes. >> i move they be adopted
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second and there is a motion and a second to adopt the minutes on that motion commissioner hasz commissioner johns commissioner matsuda commissioner pearlman commissioner hyland and commissioner president wolfram so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 6 to zero and places you on item 5 commissioners questions or comments. >> okay. any questions or comments today? no. we'll move on >> okay commissioners that places you on the regular calendar item 6 record number fiscal year 2016 so 2018 proposed budget and work program final. >> good afternoon, commissioners miami with the planning department staff i'm for a second hearing to talk about the budget in more detail than last time and ask for your consideration for an advisory letter the planning commission will be reviewing the budget
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tomorrow and will be taking on action on techniques hearing i'm only going to make a few comments i'm joined by our chief financial officer and our new finance manager you met last week and jeff and tim frye can answer aspects the budget we are seeing continued growth in new applications we're seeing close to a $5 million surplus and next year anticipating more growth unbeknownst precedent with the year after year for 5 straight years seeing that continue last week, i think the commission has within request to consider to determine if we could add a staff position for the legacy business program thanks to a luke circumstance of this week we it allows us to
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realize for revenue we're able to add we're proposing that position from the start it will not require a full-time position but need 09 help in other department with that, i'm going to turn it over to tom to walk you through the details. >> thanks i'm tom from the department before i do the presentation i'd like to acknowledge a few people from the office critical to helping us put together the budgeted deborah who put together the staff report she's only been here to weeks and donny enters our data and balance the budgets and puts the aspects and costing all the measures and various aspects and yvonne the revenue analyst does the projections and helps with the it and materials budget and
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finally annex our accountant shooe she helps with the costing out and managing the input into the system so with that, i'd like to can you put the - sorry start the presentation so today, i'm going to go over current year update and overview and look at the planning trends and discuss our proposed budget and get into some detail on the historic preservation commission and look at the program staffing and finally discuss proposal to amend our measures so on the budget update i think when we come on the 20th we indicated the budget instructions were issued by the mayor's office told us to move
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to a 2 year fixed budget that was be in front of the budget and finance and continued for several hearings he understand the legislation was declined by the by reason of those budget and finance to the two year will roll in january the budget is predicated on a two year fix we'll see with the second year additionally the plan was a shortfall over the next 89 ever 99 point plus and 200 plus million dollars and ask does the department to take a 1.5 percent reduction that's not a large amounts but $38,000 in 76 and the budget in front of mrudz
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those general fund reductions looking at the current year and the history of case in permit volume as john cattle over the past years we've seen large numbers the increase in case and permit volume and we've seen double digits growth and project by project thirty percent over last year in the current year this is important in terms of what we're going assuming the budget i'll talk about that in a minute i wanted to show you we've seen those multi year double digits growths the volume in the current year john mentions this is also important for understanding what we assume the budget we're projecting a $5 million surplus in about the revenue side and the operating fund $33.7 million in fee revenue and expecting about 38.7
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the fee revenue and currently talking with the mayors about the surplus but weer assuming that we'll see a $4 million surplus when we put the budget together last year, we took the increaseed volume we saw in 2014-2015 and assumed there would be no-growth to be converter with the departmewith assume - so the $5 million surplus to what we did on the revenue side of the proposed budget for there as you can see did revenue is up to $42 million so this assumes that the current year level that we are seeing includes the extra $5 million is
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what we'll see next year and assumed other 4 percent growth on top of that the cip but if you look at the numbers and add the $5 million into the current budget of $35 million it gets you to 40 so only one million dollars is c by p pi and on top of that we assume of we didn't see the 4 percent growth we'll have $.6 million for the expenditures so the assumption is not this stream of on assumes and consistent with what we're seeing it on the federal, state, and local and the city assuming the 5 percent growth in general fund and the gross national
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product is 4 percent so it is consistent with the economic forecasts at the federal, state, and local level on the revenue side grant will go down slightly one hundred thousand dollars and revenue from ocii that is services we provided to them for reviewing products those services will go away one time and the administrative portion of impact fees we used to manage the programs is steady and money from other city departments we bring in for services we provide to other city departments like the general plan referrals or reviewing others programs overall the departments revenue budget is expected to go from 41
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plus to $48 million on the expenditure side of the budget the biggest chunk the departments budget is spent on salaries 40 percent of that salaries and infringes so this includes the increase if f from $26 million to 32 includes the annualtion of a pay increase the city employees received in october and plus other salary increase in july one so includes those costs and the rest is new positions that we proposed the best of your ability i'll go through in a minute overhead is the citywide they pay for payroll and things and that we pay to the controller's office to cover citywide expenditures non-personal services this is
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the second area you'll see the biggest increase the budget the biggest chunk is contracts i'll go through the details on the contracts materials and supplies this includes we cpi for the cost - we'll need for storage capacity we'll bring the hardcopy documents into our electronic storage systems and rvpt some servers this is related to the cpi expenditures and the project budget is going down. >> number of projects that one time ended and the services the
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department we pay to other departments city attorney and rent for buildings those types of things are projected to stay and then specific i want to go over some of the stuff that is the preservation specific program next year's budget includes about three hundred and 26 thousand additional dmrorz on top of the current year money for the article 10 plaque and the survey contract work we're anticipating $35,000 for the office of historic preservation commission and the consumer spending for the materials for the library and interior department of interior grant for $35,000 and cost insured with the proposal
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of $500,000 for hearing and transportation services and then our grants budget next year p da from $600,000 from transports and caltrain for sustainable transportation and submit friends of city planning grant is coffer a wide variety of projects like the library resources, the poet p grant for $35,000 and then in 2017-2018 the streetscape grant if epa. >> and then goph going over the staffing the biggest division in the department is current planning that includes the
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historic preservation commission the division did that processed all the permits and planning application long-term planning and the environmental planning and zoning compliance this is the high-level view the departmental work program with the detail provided in the staff report that was provided you the current planning division will propose to there by 7 position citywide actually, one new position a position we received last year environmental planning has requested a new position in zoning and several position in the administration program that includes the commissions office and the executive offices and communications and legislation as well. >> the work program informing
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for the historic preservation commission area is most of its going to remain steady 3 areas it's increasing on the first one the survey program that was a new position that of put in the budget this year at .77 ann listing to a fuel fte and the second ceqa casework is john mentioned we at the request of the january 20th hearing to look at the legacy business program we added a position the budgets for this after that hearing we were innovative by the controller's office that the cpi we were assumed the budget increased from 2.71 to 2.96 we took some extra revenue to fund this position you'll see the position in 11 legacy business and the
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other in item two the ceqa work and the rest of the work program remains consistent year after year an additional new position in row 9 which is the full-time preservation mrern at the planning counter and then i want to go over the total new positions important other department we're proposing 13 new position and in 2016-2017 a analyze the 19 position in 2017-2018 they in four major initiative areas last year, we put a number of substantial number of positions in long term planning function this year we put the majority of proposed positions in current planning to work on the permit and application progressing and
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address the backlog we have several new policy initiative positions and improvement positions and a couple in the community outreach area this is the detail of those positions i'm not going to go through each item but a number of issues the quadrant planning and the project team four position on backlog two design review those are rows three and four to work on the increased workload and looking at the design aspects of the project there's the pick preservation planner, the transportation planner and environmental planning and an additioncode ent and zoning under the new policy initiative area where this is
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where the legacy business planner is for the small the historic preservation commission program we're proposing under one additional planner to work on the housing policy and one position next year and a second in 2017-2018 to work on the new transportation demand management program under the process and improvement area we're proposing two positions one position the executive office to the work on process improvements and make recommendations for the costs in our department as far as reviewing and approving application and the position the finalize office to support the finance administrative work the departments cvs have realized and a graphic artist the communication office to provide support for the graphic services
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and there are two positions proposed for community outreach one neighborhood planner to get out and into the community or community to talk about the proposed projects and an additional community outreach position the directors office to work in community myers and work on community organization and the third one a technical adjustment a new position if the budget notice if you wanted as an fte but now want it to a full level in next year's budget and finally i wanted to go over performance measures our current performance measures in the department for a number of years we had imperial discussions about changing them at the same time the controller's office which is where the performance measures program sits for the city has before approaching the
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departments want to change the way to report go to a scorecard with a new performance indicators the old measures were more geared at counting widgets, if you will, they measured how long to take the application process and a variance or conditional use and we felt that was no representative how the department does its work and how it to performs so those performance measures are more they look at more global look at what the department is responsible for prour so the performance is taken a more global look at rather than individual pieces that make up
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our work i'm not going through all the performance but for example, we wanted to show the overall volume you'll get. >> view the full scope of the work we're doing we said to look at for example, residential additions so things that people want to know what is happening coming out of planning how many days to process residential education or additions before they come to hearing and on the next page we looked at change of use in commercial district how long to process one of these before the commission hearing small residential like residential construction 100 percent affordable housing so we're actually looking at the broader program areas so we're proposing to change the performance manufacture we were
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reporting to the controller's office starting on july one and replace them with these and then a few other focused on community events public information and legislation then finally the budget calendar we came with the informational hearing on january 20th today, we're asking for you to review and provide the recommended approval to the planning commission we're bringing the budget to the planning commission tomorrow and then february 11th to the final review and approval it is due to the mayor on the 22 of february the mayor submits the budget to the board of supervisors on june 1st and then by the end of july the full board adopts the annual appropriation ordinance with that, that concludes my
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presentation. i'm available to answer any questions you may have. >> thank you commissioner matsuda. >> i don't know have a question we have a comment because i'm glad that is legacy business position was added to this and i'm wondering under our detailed new positions for community outreach i mean this is when you getting into the weeds those folks can help out with the initial outreach of the legacy business they have existing contact within those community-based organizations especially 9 partial position for the senior community development specialist so just to consider maybe a portion of them as well. >> the senior community development specialist is citywide to the person we've hired working on the mission
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20/20 and others issues. >> i'm sorry i'm specifically talking about outreach this is what the legacy business register will really need the experience in outreach to the various key community leaders and i'm sure we can assess those to the preservation program. >> any other questions commissioners? no thank you very much. we'll take public comment and came back and maybe some follow-up >> does any is there anyone from the public that wishes to speak if so please step forward seeing and hearing none public comment is closed. back to you, commissioners. >> commissioners questions or comments you want to move forward with the recommendation. >> i ask we moved and we recommend that this be considered favorably. >> commissioner hasz a comment. >> yeah. i'm sorry one quick
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comment has this gone to the mayor's office has he seen this i'm curious any comment what pencil might be shatter already. >> well, it hadn't we're submitting our budget to the mayor's office often the 22 the process we come to the commission you have to recommend approval for the departments to submit the proposed budget to the mayor's office so thankful not seen - they'll seen the staff report we know what we're proposing but it is a specific conversation. >> so the citywide survey position i'm wondering if anyone we're anticipating some push back on >> with well the citywide position - >> after going through this process as oh. >> before 3 took two tries anything under the preservation that looks like it will be a
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chagrin what you're asking you informal conversation with the mayor's staff we haven't bullying but i'll have to do that this week before we go to the planning commission that's a good point i think we're okay but good to confer before we finalize. >> thank you, thank you director. >> any other questions i think i heard from commissioner johns. >> you did. >> second. >> commission there is a motion and a second to adopt the recommendation commissioner hasz commissioner johns commissioner matsuda commissioner pearlman commissioner hyland commissioner president wolfram so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 6 to zero. >> i believe that concludes our hearing the architecture review will be immediately following hearing adjourned
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